Happy Tail: Buster
Abandoned Doberman Finds His 'Gang'

When Buster arrived at SoCo Rescue, he had troublesome allergies and was underweight.
Now, happy and healthy, cuddling with "big" sister Inka. 
Terri Vear had always wanted a Doberman Pinscher.

"When I was a kid, I watched an old movie called 'The Doberman Gang,' and then the sequel, 'The Daring Dobermans,' " Terri said. "I always thought the breed was sleek, beautiful, and very loyal."

So when Terri and her husband Martin started looking for a playmate who could keep up with their 2-year-old Great Dane, Inka, they started searching online for a Doberman or Doberman mix.

She came across a "sweet picture" of Buster, a 1-year-old dog at Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, on petfinder.com. Buster had been surrendered to the rescue by a family who claimed he was getting "too big" for their apartment.

"He was quite playful and mostly healthy, except for a lingering skin condition most likely caused by poor quality food and fleas," said Scott Bennett of SoCo Rescue.

After interviewing the Vears and finding out what they were looking for in a dog, Bennett decided the family would be a good fit for the lanky puppy.

Buster was able to catch a flight with Pilots N Paws, a not-for-profit group of pilots that helps transport rescue animals, to the Vears in Florida.

In honor of his sharp teeth, the couple renamed the dog "Mako," after a type of shark. But that name belies his true nature, Terri said.

"He is the most loving soul," she said. "He thinks he is a lap dog and that's his favorite place to be, in our laps while we are watching TV."

The two dogs entertain their parents on a regular basis by running around and playing together.

And by putting Mako on a grain-free diet, the Vears were able to solve his skin issue and his coat grew in shiny and healthy.

"He became the very handsome boy we knew he could be," Terri said.

Terri said she is grateful for the work Bennett took in socializing and caring for the newest member of her family, as well as coordinating an out-of-state transport to get him to their home.

"He wanted what was best for Mako’s future, and that’s what we wanted too," she said. "Mako will have a wonderful life now, and we are so blessed to have him."

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