Happy Tail: Zeus
Loving Beagle Helps a Family With Its Grief

zeusWhen the Mitchell family lost their dog in 2010, the family took it hard. Their 12-year-old Boston Terrier had succumbed to a brain tumor.

"I was really mourning his loss," said Marla Mitchell. "My friend Barbara wanted to help me and find me one as a gift for Christmas. She knew how much we were hurting and said we needed the pitter patter of paws in the house again."

Barbara contacted Southern Comfort Animal Rescue about several dogs, including Zeus, a 6-year-old Beagle mix who had been surrendered by a student going away to college.

"When Barbara told me what the family was looking for, I knew that Zeus would make them happy," said Scott Bennett of SoCo Rescue.

Marla, her husband and two sons were immediately drawn to Zeus's happy face and his description as a sweet, easygoing dog who liked to "talk."

"It was like he was meant to be ours," Marla said. "I felt like he needed us and we needed him."

The family adopted Zeus as well as another dog, Izzy, a 1-year-old miniature Yorkshire Terrier, from another agency.

Zeus, who was overweight when he was adopted, was put on a diet in the Mitchell household. That, plus regular walks and playtime with Izzy, has gotten him down to a healthy weight.

Zeus's playful personality keeps the family laughing. He loves to play with his toys, learn new tricks and get belly rubs. The family can get him to bay on command by howling with him.

"He has perfectly meshed into our family," Marla said. "He is full of love."

Zeus and Izzy have helped the family with their grief, she said.

"Together they have really helped to fill the void," Marla said. "I know no dog will ever replace the one I lost, but they each are very special in their own way and we have so much love to give to them."

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