Success Stories

The "tails" of animals who have passed through Southern Comfort Animal Rescue on the way to their forever homes.

Happy Tail: Buster
Abandoned Doberman Finds His 'Gang'
Terri Vear had always wanted a Doberman Pinscher. She and her husband were looking for a dog who could keep up with their Great Dane...
Happy Tail: Heidie
Stray Dog Makes a Perfect Sibling
Lori Burgart loved her dog, Rusty, and he loved her. But she felt her 1-year-old wire-haired pointer mix needed something more...
Happy Tail: Zeus
Loving Beagle Helps a Family With Its Grief
The Mitchell family were drawn to a Beagle's happy face and his description as a sweet, easygoing dog who liked to "talk"...
Happy Tail: Cliff
A 'Big Red Dog' Finds a Home
The Massey family were looking for a sweet, loyal watchdog when they happened upon Cliff's picture on