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***Adoption Pending***

Bandit and two of his friends (Homer & Charli) came to us after being surrendered by their former owner, who realized that he had too many dogs. While we're not positive, we were told that Bandit may be a mix of Welsh Corgi and Swedish Vallhund. While at his former home, Bandit was relegated to living in a nasty, outside kennel and not given proper attention or care.

Despite his former hard life, Bandit has remained a very sweet, loving dog.  He may be hesitant at first but once he knows he can trust you, he wants to be your best friend.  Has been kenneled with other dogs so he is likely good with other dogs but a meet and greet is required.  

In addition to being treated for her heartworms, Bandit has also been fully vetted and kept on  monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives. A microchip will accompany  adoption. 

To apply for the adoption please submit an application at

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