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**Benny is with a loving Foster in Flemington, NJ.  If interested in meeting him, fillout our application at

Meet Benny who  was found as a stray in December of 2021.  Like many rescued dogs he came to us in need of tender loving care.  And, even when he was not feeling his best, he still greeted all who cared for him with a smile and a tail wag.  Benny knew that his life would get better if he just kept waiting and wagging that tail in hope.   Benny was a dog most likely kept on a chain for much of his young life.  Despite this, or because of this, he is one of the friendliest, love-bugs you will meet. 

Benny  is being fostered in NJ with another dog of his same size and the two are good  buddies.   Benny has been a loved and great guest at the foster family’s home throughout his stay.  


Benny has a clean bill of health and at a recent  visit to a  veterinarian  it was  remarked “ T his one is a n easy  keeper ”.   Benny was found to have some allergies which are being treated and are under control.  But don’t let this give you pause.  Benny’s coat is beautiful soft  and quite unique.   And, SOCO’s canine coach says, “ This  truly sweet,  handsome boy checks all the boxes for an adopter.  When Benny visits for a romp or short stay with us he walks well on a leash, is playful  and  yet settles quite nicely when you ask him to.  He takes treats politely and picks up cues very quickly ”.

Can you open your home and heart to Benny so that he can have the loving home he so deserves this time around on his journey in life?  


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