Naomi's Sponsorship Page

***Naomi is currently at our Tarrytown, GA location.

Naomi earned her nicknamed "Cowgirl" with her engaging personality and adorable appearance.  She is a little dog with big ears and just bounces with joy!  She has been friendly towards other dogs, loves attention and is very affectionate.  

Naomi and several other dogs were abandoned when the owner vacated the  property, likely running from the law.   Although Naomi lived in the house and was likely starving at the time of rescue, the outside dogs were worse off and despite our best attempts, one of them passed away.   Local authorities asked SoCo to help out but we did not have room at the time.  Fortunately, the Mount Vernon Animal Control graciously offered to house and care for the dogs until we could take them in. 

Naomi's heart worm status is currently unknown.  You can shorten her time at the rescue and help her find her forever true home by offering to sponsor her.  Read about our sponsorship program at

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