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Annabelle tends to be a little reserved when first meeting new people. She's not the kind of dog that jumps on everybody she meets.   Give Annabelle a couple of days to get acquainted with you and she'll be your best friend and more than happy to receive belly rubs and being playful with you. We think that Annabelle will do best in a low commotion type of home and one without young children. Annabelle has preferred being without the company of other dogs and we're not sure if that will change once in a new home.  She is laid back, likes a walk and some play time and would be a good fit for someone who wants a calm dog.  She may bark when someone approaches the home making her a great option for someone looking for a family companion that will also ward off strangers. She's been at the rescue for a couple years and now it's here turn to find her forever true home!

Annabelle was nursing a litter of pups when she found as a stray within our area. We're not sure if she was abandoned after her litter was born or became pregnant while homeless, only that she was in dire need of being rescued. All of her pups have gone on to find their new homes, but Annabelle had to remain with us while we got her back to good health as she was extremely malnourished and heartworm positive when she arrived.

In addition to being treated for her heartworms, Annabelle has also been fully vetted and kept on her monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives. A microchip will accompany her adoption. She has displayed signed of having once been housetrained but may require a refresher course once in a home.

To apply for the adoption of this wonderful girl, please submit an application at

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