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Indy and her litter came to SoCo together.  We received a call regarding another stray litter in rural GA.  Scott and our SoCo Team went to the property and located the mom & the puppies.  Unfortunately, they were living under an abandoned house and didn't want to come out.  Scott wasn't going to leave them there, so he rolled up his sleeves and crawled under the house to retrieve the mom and puppies.  The mom was almost seemed relieved to have help. She continued to nurse the puppies until they were weaned onto solid food.  We have named the mom Indy, she looks like a golden retriever with big ears, she is nothing but extremely happy and friendly.  

She is now spayed and up to date on all vaccines and preventatives.  Unfortunately, Indy tested posititive for Heartworms but thankfully a Sponsor stepped up to help with her Heartworm treatment. She has now been treated with the fast kill method and is so ready for her forever home!


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